QSO at The End

Well, I scored my first interview, with none other than K5HM himself. The rest of the world, ie.. future Hams, know him as Ronald Litt. You might also know him as the guy who is running the QSO for the end of the world. Here is the interview.

KD0FEG: What lead you to the idea of doing a special event station for the end of the world?
K5HM: Well, there was a lot of chatter going on about the world ending on the web. So I decided it would definitely be a unique special event. After all the end of the world doesn’t come along more than once. I discussed it with a few friends and we all thought that it would be a fun event. As long as we don’t take it too seriously. I’ll be taking delivery on my bomb shelter nest week.

KD0FEG: How did you come up with N0D?
K5HM: Now Zero Days –I wanted to use zero and the letter “D” together. Its unique and the phonetics worked for a 1X1 call.

KD0FEG: How long have you been active in Amateur Radio?
K5DM: 1st Licensed in 1954 Dropped out in the 60’s but I never inhaled. In 2009, the little witch went off in my head and I retook all the exams.

KD0FEG: What special event stations have you organized in the past?
K5HM: For the last three years, I worked on the museum ships weekend event that is sponsored by NJ2BB for our club, KK5W. Last year we sponsored the Texas NAVY Certificate for working all five museum ships based in Texas.

KD0FEG: Do you plan to organize other special event stations? (Assuming the world does not end on 12-21-2012)
K5HM: Well, that’s a little iffy right now.

KD0FEG: Who is your last QSO going to be with?
K5HM: Marconi. My old buddy Ralph has been around Ham Radio so long he says Marconi was his Elmer. I’d like to see if he is pulling my leg.

I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did.

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