New FTM-350

I was watching a netcast about amateur radio tonight and did a little research on a topic being discussed on the netcast. While doing the research, I saw something that caught my eye on A new FTM-350 model. I have been wanting to purchase one of these sweet little mobile transceivers since they were introduced. However I have been, so far, regulated to drooling over them in retail outlets.

What really caught my eye was the mention that the new model is a tri-band rig. Yes, that is right, three bands. It still only has two receivers so you are limited to monitoring only two bands at a time. Actually, I do not think that is such a bad situation. The new model, the FT-350AR-A, can receive and transmit on 144, 220, and 430 MHz. It is limited to 1 watt on 220, but will do up to 50 watts on 144 and 430.

By adding 220 to the band mix, Yaesu has greatly improved the flexibility of this radio. The fist things that come to mind are its increased usefulness in cross-band repeat mode during various exercise and emergency scenarios. I also see that it could be more useful for hamsat use. I am going to have to get a coffee can and start throwing spare change in it until I have enough to purchase one of these radios.

P.S. The netcast was Tom Samacicio’s HQARadio show. You can find it at

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Robert (KD0FEG)