Museum Ships Weekend 2013

Museum Ships Weekend is coming up soon. As of the date of this post, there are 90 ships participating. The ships range from Presidential yachts to Civil War Ironclad Gunboats to Submarines to Aircraft Carriers. The list includes ships located in most coastal states in the U.S., plus ships in Germany, Portugal, France, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Spain, and Canada.

Operators on the Museum Ships will be primarily using the following frequencies.




3,860 KHz 3,539 KHz
7,260 KHz 7,039 KHz
10,109 KHz
14,260 KHz 14,039 KHz
18,160 KHz 18,079 KHz
21,360 KHz 21,039 KHz
24,960 KHz 24,899 KHz
28,360 KHz 28,039 KHz
50,160 KHz 50,109 KHz

14.070 MHz      10.142 MHz      18.100 MHz      21.070 MHz      28.120 MHz
Some ships will also be on 3880 KHz – 3885 KHz and 7290 KHz Amplitude Modulation with either their ships original equipment or modern equipment.

While any operating mode can be used in this event and CW and SSB are the dominant modes, we are encouraging all the particpating ships, that have the ability, to fire up their original equipment on

3885 KHz, 3600 & 3625 (in the UK),
3705 (W. Europe),
7290 KHz and 14.286 KHz in the AM mode.

If you are an awards hunter, you will be excited to know that there are a number of awards available for this event.

Museum Ships Weekend 2013 Awards:

  • Battleship New Jersey ARC (NJ2BB) This award is for contacting 15 of any registered MSW 2013 registered ships.
  • Brazos Valley ARC (KK5W) This award is for contacting at least four of the callsigns operated by the BVARC for MSW 2013.
  • Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont (W1T) This commemorative QSL card is available to anyone contacting the Steamboat Ticonderoga.

(If you know of any other awards or commemorative QSL cards, email so I can get them on this page.)

7 3,
Robert (KD0FEG)