Kansas QSO Party

My oldest daughter and I had the opportunity to participate in the Kansas QSO Party (http://www.ksqsoparty.org/) this afternoon. We operated under the E.A.R.S. callsign KB0SSR. It was my first experience with contesting outside beyond Field Day.

The first thing that I noticed was the slower pace. I wasn’t really surprised since there are fewer participants. However, since we were operating in Kansas I expected to be a little more hunted than we were. I chose to camp out on a single frequency much like I do during Field Day. We had a few pile ups that kept things interesting for my daughter, who opted to be log for me. I am still trying to get her passed her mic fright. She did get on the air for a few minutes but did not make any contacts.

I am looking forward to seeing how well E.A.R.S. does in this contest. Regardless of how well we end up doing in the final tally, my daughter and I really enjoyed our time together on the air.

7 3,