Honda EU2000i Generator Recall

The hugely popular little red Honda generator, the EU2000i has a recall notice out. According to the recall notice, “A tube clamp that connects a fuel tube to the bottom of the fuel tank may have been improperly positioned during assembly”. Honda says that EU2000i generators with serial numbers between EAAJ-2260273 and EAAJ-2485025 are prone to the fuel leak issue. Honda has also stated that some generators have already been repaired and are back on the market or the original owners possession. If you have an EU2000i Honda gerenator in the effected series, or are about to purchase a used one, check for a black dot or special Honda “7D1″ or “7D2″ label under the spark plug access door.

Check for a black dot or "7D1" or "7D2" sticker
Open the spark plug door and check for a Honda affixed black dot or “7D1″ or 7D2″ sticker.

If you are purchasing a new Honda EU2000i generator, or still have one in the box, that is in the affected serial number range, check for a green dot on the box label that contains the model and serial number information.

Look for green dot on label with serial number
An EU2000i still in the box will have a green dot on the label with the serial number if it has been repaired by Honda.

If you have an affected generator, Honda asks that you stop using it immediately and contact a Honda repair facility to get the unit repaired. “Please contact a servicing Honda Power Equipment dealer to make an appointment to have your generator inspected and if necessary repaired, free of charge. If you need assistance locating a servicing dealer, please visit our website:, or call us at our recall line (888) 888-3139.”

Here is a link the the Honda EU2000i Recall

Stay safe.

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