Bluetooth for FT-8X7

Bluetooth adapter for FT-8X7 series from
Bluetooth adapter for FT-8X7 series from has just announced the development of a Bluetooth adapter that will enable Bluetooth communication with the Yeasu FT-8X7 series of VHF/UHF transceivers. The tiny Bluetooth transceiver (only 45x30x15mm) connects to the CAT port on the rear of the any FT-817, FT-857, or FT-897. Software developed by YO3GGX (Dan Toma) will allow your Android based phone or tablet to control your FT-8X7 rig. For those with an Apple iOS device, suggests trying CommCat or CommCatLive from It appears that the adapter is going to be offered as a kit, although I doubt that there will much more to assembly than soldering a couple wires to the PCB and snapping the cover together. Bluetooth CAT for FT-8X7 announcement.



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