Amateur Radio operator slapped with fine

It seems that Glen Rubash (KC0GPV) of Dwight, KS has been fined by the FCC for running a pirate radio station. It seems that Rubash was running the station on 88.3Mhz from a garage in Manhattan. As many amateur radio operators know, low power transmissions on FM radio frequencies below 92Mhz do not require a license. Many devices exist that allow unlicensed operators to transmit FM signals with out breaking any laws, microphones and music player adapters that allow your to listen to the output on your home or car stereo system come to mind. According to the FCC, Rubash exceeded the low power output limits with his setup. Since Rubash failed to aquire the appropriate license before exceeding the low power limits for the frequency that he was transmitting on, the FCC is requiring Rubash to pay a $10,000 fine.

The Kansas City Star reported on this on their website. (